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About Us

Sword and Spirit is not just a church but a family. As a family, we have grown from one branch into numerous branches all over Swaziland, South Africa and Nigeria with a wide network of sons to the Apostle. These branches and sons are all grounded on the Word of God, promoting the doctrine of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a church, we exist to:

  • Fellowship
  • Evangelize
  • Worship
  • Discipleship
  • Serve


Building a People of Dominion and Influence through Revelation Knowledge and by the Spirit.


Appointed over Nations and Kingdoms to uproot, to pull down, and to destroy, to build and to plant.                             

                                                                                                                                        Jeremiah 1:10 

A Church with God's Heart and has you at Heart.

Apostle Bheki Thwala

Apostle Bhekie Thwala has been raised by God to raise a people of dominion and influence through revelation knowledge and by the Spirit. Apostle Bhekie Thwala is founder of Sword and Spirit Ministries International alongside his wwide Pastor Zandie Thwala, which was officially established in 1994. A personal passion for soul-winning and church planting has resulted in several.... 

churches planted in Swaziland, South Africa and Nigeria. The Apostolic grace in his life has given birth to the Sword Fellowship of Ministers and Ministries. The strong call and passion for leaders has seen this fellowship grow rapidly with many sons and their churches becoming part of a force to be reckoned with in Africa.

His TV and Radio ministry has touched many lives in Swaziland and other nations in the world. He has ministered in many African countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi and Botswana. He has ministered in India for a number of years.

Over his 20 years as a minister of God, Apostle Bhekie Thwala has preached in conference around the world, yet still has tie to be a lovin husand, and a doting father to his 3 children – Lusanda, Yolanda and Bayanda. Above all, he has a heart for the peple and has taken many young, old and troubled people and placed them not only in her heart, but also in his home. He has also personally started welfare programmes whereby he pays school fees, hospital fees and feeds members of communities around Swaziland. He is cherished by all who have the privilege of making his acquaintance. The Man of God’s Ministry is purposed for transformation, uprooting religious bondange and ushering God’s people to the liberty of the Spirit.


What we do

As a family, we do things together and these activities includes praying, fellowship through cell meetings, family fun day etc. We believe in unity and love hence our motto "A church with God's Heart and has you at Heart". Visit our branches in Mbabane, Manzini, Ludzeludze, Nhlangano, Mhlume, Siteki and Siphofaneni in Swaziland


Our Strengh

Our intention is to give our people a worship experience that is filled with the presence of God in all our gatherings. We believe that we have been called over nations and kingdoms to set the tone in the area of Music. 


Get Updated on whats coming

Our calendar is fully packed every year just to make sure that your spiritual thirst is quenched by the river that we are. All our conferences are strategically scheduled to suit your schedule in order for you not to miss. Follow our updates on this page for more information.


Our TV Ministry

Reaching to all people through airwaves is our priority, catch us on VOC....

What We Do

Superman, 2016


Our Superman Conference sets the tone for the year, not only at Sword and Spirit but for the entire Nation of Swaziland and neighbouring countries.

In this conference, Apostle Bhekie Thwala makes declarations to unleash and to usher the people of God into their God given destinies for the year and their future in ministry. We have withnessed change in government, climate, economic growth etc. according to the declarations of the Man of God. This conference has had a large following from young people, leaders, and ministers of the Gospel from different ethnic groups due to the impact that it has created. We are Raising a People of Dominion and Influence through Revelation Knowledge and by the Spirit.

Apostle Bheki Thwala preaching during Superman Conference.



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